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HAIMER – Microset tool presetters – Automatic tool shrinking and presetting

Automatic tool shrinking and presetting

The spectrum of tool presetters from HAIMER Microset ranges from the manual basic unit to the fully automatic high-end version VIO linear toolshrink, which also handles the shrinking of the tools.

From the basic to the high-end version, HAIMER Microset tool presetters are characterized by high-quality hardware, best ergonomics and ease of use. A particular advantage lies in their thermostable grey cast iron design, which enables trouble-free, repeatable and low-calibration operation directly in the production hall.

The tool presetter HAIMER Microset VIO linear toolshrink, which can shrink tools to the exact length of a micron while taking care of the tool measurement, is particularly suitable for the highest demands and series production. Especially sister tools, which must always be shrinked to the same length, can thus be used for process-reliable use, as is required, for example, in multi-spindle machines.

For the shrinking process, VIO linear toolshrink is equipped with HAIMER’s high-quality shrinking components such as the patented, intelligent and motorized NG coil or the proven contact cooling system with TME temperature monitoring.

The standard features of all VIO linear machines include the proven HAIMER ISS universal ultra-precision spindle with integrated clamping system and a runout accuracy of <0.002mm. This spindle is always equipped with an automatic adapter recognition. Integrated sensors in the spindle recognize the change of the adapter and automatically activate the correct zero point. This reliably prevents operating errors and prevents collisions on the machine due to incorrect adapter values.

At EMO 2019, the Microset VIO linear toolshrink will be on display at the HAIMER booth (Hall 4, Stand E16) as a central component of a robotic cell, in which tool presetting can be completely automated. There, tools are automatically shrinked in, measured and finally checked for their balancing quality on the HAIMER Tool Dynamic Balancing Machine.

Another highlight is the HAIMER Microset VIO linear with Y-axis, presented for the first time at EMO. It offers the user the possibility to move the optics carrier by +/- 100 mm in the Y direction, to get the cutting edge into the focus plane of the camera and to measure also tools carrying non-centered cutting edges.